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Discover True Happiness From Within

Full moon day is full of brightness, positivity, and peacefulness. It's the brightest night of the month. This day represents what our minds can become. A mind full of inner brightness, positivity, peacefulness can overcome any darkness or negativity in our lives. Just like the full moon tonight illuminates the night sky.

You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love & affection. Join us at our meditation center near you, and you will discover simple techniques that can help you manage stress, feel more present in your daily life, and love yourself in a richer & deeper way. 

May 23, 2024
               6 PM Los Angeles
               7 PM Denver 
               8 PM Chicago 
               9 PM New York
   Venue: Online via zoom 

For Reminding the Full Moon Day Event Please Reserve your spot 

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Meeting ID : 970-1192-2337
Passcode : 072
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By joining this Virtual Full Moon Meditation,
you will:

1. Enjoy an ancient but practical spiritual wisdom
Bite sized wisdom that will help you better deal with distraction, grief, loss, and dissatisfaction, especially during these unprecedented times.

2. Practice loving-kindness meditation
A powerful pause for a restful sleep & positive energy.

3. Experience the power of inner peace
 A limitless reservoir of peace that exists within you.

4. Cultivate positive collective energy
This is not only for you but also for your loved ones and the world.

5. Remain fully present
Sharpen your focus and break free from the spiral of unwanted thoughts. 

6. Connect with like minded individuals
We provide you with a safe and supportive community.
And much more...
By the end of this full moon meditation, you will emerge with sharper focus to live fully in the present moment, discover the immense inner peace that resides within you, and  how to lead a truly meaningful life.

About our meditation instructor

Monk Daniel1.jpg

Monk Daniel Dham-ma-rako

Education: 2 Years @ DePaul University studying Psychology

At 16, Monk Daniel made a promise to ordain as a monk to his mother. Keeping his word at the age of 20, he was ordained as a monk with the clear goal to study, practice, and develop meditation deeply under the Most Venerable Luang Phor Dhammajayo. To ultimately help with whatever inner peace mission assigned to him with the greatest potential. From 2012 to the present, he has dedicated his life with a deep passion to meditation practice. According to the close guidance of his meditation masters and Luang Phor Dhammajayo. In addition to his constant practice of meditation, he is currently assigned to teach meditation domestically, and internationally to monks, novices, and people all over the world. With the main purpose of spreading meditation to the world, so everyone can find their true inner happiness. He believes all positive life changes begin from within, and that everyone can change their outer world around them by first changing their inner world with regular meditation practice

About our meditation instructor


Monk Jacky Si-la-sang-va-ro

Monk Jacky joined the Dhammakaya Temple soon right after his graduation. He was ordained in the year 2014, since then, he started to study more about meditation and learned how important meditation is for life. He found his life goal and decided to continue in monkhood to pursue his passion in the practice of meditation. He decided to join a team of meditation monks who would spend most of their time focusing on the practice to still their minds. As now reaching his 8th year in monkhood, alongside his practices, he also has been assigned to introduce meditation to many peace lovers from various meditation retreats and ordination programs from all over the World. Dedicating his life to his passion, he is also proud and happy for the opportunities to share the practice of meditation and inner peace with everyone.

Let's create a peaceful community together.

"Thank you for your kind hospitality in this time of pandemic. It was a joy to meet your acquaintance and to share my heart of thanksgiving in the midst of all of your dear brothers and sisters. It was a joy to meditate in person again. I shall hope to join you again soon. Peace and all good."

- Friar Nicolas Maria

What People Say About Full Moon Meditation

“My girl and myself have decided to go every month now, every full moon" - Mimi

“I love this” - Kat 

“Being around with beautiful souls means everything” - Adri 

“Really enjoy the event tonight” - Eileen 

“Thank you for hosting an incredible full moon meditation” - @Vibequeen 

“so grateful for being able to join the event” - @Atyourleisuretherapy
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